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Providing superior values to our customers is our priority. We attach the utmost importance to every customer's request and proposal. We constantly monitor and measure these requests and suggestions and make superhuman efforts.

Company Profile

Our company, which has been providing international transportation services for more than 20 years, has taken its place in the transportation sector with its respectable and reliable image in its first years.
In the continuously growing and developing logistics sector; Thanks to its experienced staff and investments, it has been able to provide the best service to its customers. In parallel with the developing country's economy, our company has realized its own expected growth and has expanded its vehicle track and expert staff day by day.
Export and import is ready to provide the best service to your all transportation needs with its experienced staff, investments and transportation system. Friendly, problem-solving team with a team of our valued customers, we expect good work to wait orders.
* The safety of the product we carry is above all important.
We will act according to all international and national rules. For this reason, we attach the utmost importance to the safety of our staff and all our employees. We take precautions against all risks that may be identified.
* Our service requires responsibility.
Our company and our employees are aware of the responsibility of the service we provide. At every stage of our services, we have a positive approach to all our customers, and if so, we strive to resolve the issue. He never forgets our responsibilities towards man, society, state and nature; we show sensitivity on personal and company basis.
* Our customer demands, we perform.
Providing superior values ​​to our customers is our priority. We attach the utmost importance to every customer's request and proposal. We constantly monitor and measure these requests and suggestions and make superhuman efforts.
* We spend our earnings for service.
We spend a large part of our earnings to make our service become more quality and continuous. We invest in our business in order to provide better service to our customers. We know; our biggest gain is the satisfaction of our customers.
 * We learn continuously, we reflect what we learned.
Being aware that our ability to provide quality services is directly proportional to our education; within our company's annual training plans, we take all our trainings that we think we need or shed light on us.
Our Management;
With our service concept which focuses on customer satisfaction, we provide service to our valued customers in Greece and Italy line. Our job is to deliver our cargoes as soon as possible, to meet the expectations of our customers at the maximum level and to enjoy the pleasure of doing their job. We use all our savings to achieve this goal. We have built our investments on the philosophy of how we can better serve you. This thought gives us great excitement. And we promise; We will not experience the saturation of serving you. We will always be thinking about “there is more Bu.
To meet the logistics needs of the sector with the most modern tools in the safest and fastest way and to provide added value for our customers, our employees, our stakeholders and the public.
All companies engaged in export and import; offers the speed, security, economic and environmentalism of the international logistics service in the best quality.
Our Quality Objectives;
• Establishment of quality awareness among our employees and our suppliers,
• Ensuring continuity through the effective participation of all our staff in improving and improving quality.
• Ensuring that our quality difference is perceived by our customers
• We believe that the international logistics service we provide provides commercial time benefits and that this is very important.
• Adopting the international logistics service by the public, private and public institutions and ensuring the more widespread use,
• Our company; Providing top-level representation of all kinds of international logistics and transport
• Receiving all kinds of products and equipment used as input materials from approved suppliers,
• Ensuring customer satisfaction
• Respect for the environment,
• Our employees receive the training they need,
• Our office and field employees should have specialized personnel and receive the necessary training in order to perform quality service.
Remaze the family, since 1980 in Turkey (Antakya) is conducting a transportation business. In the Middle East and the Caucasus, we have covered a large number of countries and in the last 30 years we have acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience. Specialist in this field.
Since 2007, we have had an office in Germany (Moosburg an der Isar) designed to get closer to our customers in Germany and Europe.
We promise ourselves: we will respect the laws and cultures of the countries in which we work and aim to be active members of the society, and thus contribute to society.
In addition to our international perspective and tolerance, our cross-sectoral approach guarantees a dynamic and successful development that cannot benefit our business.
 Our company, which gives importance to customer satisfaction, works with expert staff in order to serve you better. There are 32 trucks and 32 trucks in our company.



Our main services as Ramazan Transport include the following services.