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Logistics and Transportation from Antakya

There are many companies in the sector that serve in the scope of road transport.
There are many companies in the sector that serve in the scope of road transport. Some of the logistics transportation, some cargo transportation, some goods transport is active in the field. The Ministry of Transport is aware of the fact that the documents which document the activities in this field are not in the history of the documents.
There are many rules to be followed in the transport law. It is not possible to make commercial service with the trailer you buy personally. It is illegal for you to conduct a non-duty operation with a vehicle belonging to the Ambulance or the General Directorate of Security. It is a big crime for a company operating in the logistics sector to perform freight transportation with its registered vehicles. All of your vehicles should be used and operated in accordance with your services. Failure to comply with the rules of transport and transport will cause the company to be punished. Many companies operating in the enterprise have areas called warehouses. They must inform the Ministry of Transport of these areas within the framework of the laws. At the same time, there should be a closed area which determines that the area where the goods are expected to belong to the company. Passenger buses operating in the field of road transport should also inform the relevant institution of the points determined as intermediate stops. Vehicle tracking system should be in the vehicles of every company that makes road transportation. It is compulsory to use the vehicle in every company vehicles in order to prevent a possible accident that the drivers do not rise above the speed determined by the tachograph device.
Many companies serving in the transportation sector operate in accordance with the laws such as Ramazan transport in Antakya. The permits pertaining to each material to be transported while operating in the transport sector shall be kept during transportation. If an international transportation is carried out, the permits which must be shown in the customs entrance and exits, must be kept in the vehicles. Passenger transport companies, cargo companies, transport companies enter the road transport. Every sector is obliged to act in accordance with its purpose. The firms serving in the framework of the determined rules do not gain unfair gains and perform their professions. Necessary safety measures must be taken during road transport. It is forbidden to carry passengers without glass breaker hammer and fire extinguishing tubes during passenger transportation. In a sudden accident, information should be provided on how passengers will use them. The fire extinguisher tubes must be checked every 6 months.


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